Dating calling cards

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Ladies (and gents), would you pay money to use a site like this?

The nice people over at one of these sites — Greenlight Card — have given me a free account along with a nice-looking silver case of free cards.

He passed me his business card then wrote on the back 2 cellphone numbers and a home phone - I did call because he gave personal info too instead of just business contact info.

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(Our favorite is embedded below.)Cost:$99/ year $25 for 25 cards Odd fact: Greenlight is a “green” company — “Greenlight Cards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks.

Our tin-plated steel card cases are recyclable, as new steel is made from recycled steel.

As traditional online dating (yep, no longer an oxymoron) becomes a social norm, the Internet dating world keeps one-upping itself with newfangled ways to have awkward encounters with strangers.

The latest: Dating calling cards, which really have no calling involved unless it comes way later in the relationship. And which company makes the best/most embarrassing/cringe-worthy…or perhaps even effective variations?

Except, instead of the card having his name and the company where he works printed, it has a phrase you have the strong suspicion is about to start playing over and over again in your head for the rest of the night: "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number. " If you find the idea creative or appealing, you're in luck because there's a chance this scenario could happen to you: Men handing out business cards with the lyrics of Carley Rae Jepsen's catchy (or annoying, depending on who you ask) "Call Me Maybe" has become sort of a thing.

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