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“It is important that young men are made aware that this is taking place so they don't fall victim.

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Doctors in the UK may soon start consulting with patients remotely, with the government putting plans into place that could see younger and more forward-thinking GPs able to consult with younger and more forward-thinking patients via video chat tools.

The plan is to modernise the public-facing bit of the NHS by encouraging surgeries to open up in the evening and at weekends, allowing users to book their appointments online, delivering prescriptions electronically and even, if there's something obviously and visually wrong with you, letting you wave the weeping/bleeding/broken bit at a webcam.

Anthony Weiner’s downfall from scandal to scandal "I'm disappointed," said Sen.

Bob Krist, the Executive Board's chairman and a fellow Republican. Kintner is not listening to his colleagues." According to the Omaha World-Herald, Krist said he will explore allowing voters to recall state senators, as state law currently only allows the recall of local elected officials.

DYLAN: Yeah, they need to come up with something more bad ass like 'Tropical Storm Terminator'. Make it sound like it's gonna tear some shit up, yo. When I was a kid I imagined that someday we'd have phones with screens so you could see the people you're talking to but I always thought it would be more.

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