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Para fazer isso inclua um novo Data Set no projeto e arraste a partir da janela Data Base Explorer a tabela Customers do banco de dados No cdigo estou atribuindo propriedade Data Member a tabela gerada no dataset.You can use the Data Grid View control to show read-only views of a small amount of data, or you can scale it to show editable views of very large sets of data.

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This document is divided into about 5 logical sections starting with a feature and structure overview, followed by an overview of built‑in column and cell types.

Next is an overview of working with data, followed by an overview of specific major features.

With these values, you can limit which cells are used to calculate the preferred sizes.

The enumerations used by sizing properties and methods have similar values for content-based sizing.

Lastly, a best practice section concludes the main part of this document.

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