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Rescuing animals in dire situations, & getting laws passed!

, Laflin got her start as a Golden State Warriors cheerleader.

“You’re supposed to be 18,” Laflin says, “but thanks to my mom, your typical pageant mom, she finagled my birth certificate (or something like that), so I was able to cheer in the NBA in high school.” “I wanted to cheer at UT [University of Texas] and they were going to offer me a scholarship but since I had already cheered “professionally” you’re not allowed to cheer in college because you’ve already been paid, That’s one thing I wish I would have done was cheered at UT.

Though she was young, she knew she wanted to do more than watch from the sidelines.

With determination to make sports a part of her life, she used whatever opportunities she could to meet people and build relationships.

She also spent two years on the sidelines of 49ers games, back when Jerry Rice and Steve Young were there (yes, she got a Super Bowl ring too).

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