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Shawn provided you all with tickets, and promised he would be free afterwards to go out to ice cream or something. You try to take in everything he was saying, but you were so confused, it was really difficult. "I have a boyfriend." "Yeah, but, that doesn't mean I can't tell you that you look nice, without you getting all tensed up.You and Cam bought t-shirts with Shawn's face on them and a ton of glow sticks, headbands, and face paint just to show off how big of fans you were. Maybe he goes crazy after shows and forgets stuff, you weren't sure. I am into you though, just a little." You ease into a smile. "But -" "She's not interested," a voice says loudly from around the corner, making you and Shawn both jump. But you have to tell us what's been a fashion mistake.

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[MUSIC] Hi this is Charreah Jackson, Essence Magazine's relationships editor, and you are watching Ask A Brother. It's all about swag and, and, and for me, since a young age, I've always, you know, wanted to be on my A-game when it comes to that. Or someone who is relevant So what do you feel you're sexiest when you're wearing?

Today we have a very juicy celeb exclusive, none other than NFL superstar Mr. [INAUDIBLE] He is joining us, Essence, with a very juicy exclusive that he is the new face of, what? Absolutely, yeah, hot new cologne that you will want to get for your man, if you haven't already gotten it already. Not only the perfect match, so have you always been a man who's locked in a good cologne? Growing up in Atlanta, I've always had some type of. I'm from Atlanta, can have a, a mix of some flashy. Man, I don't know if I'm the person you supposed to be ask, answering that question Well you know, we all have that moment where you're looking in the mirror and you're like I look good right now Well I can tell you this. [NOISE] Alright, now go ahead and lay them out, that's my freshness right there.

Shawn just texted Jack, and said it could be a while before he makes it out, with the meet and greet and all," he reasons. "I'll be here." He gives you one last glance before following Matt around the building, allowing you to realize just how quiet the night is when no one is around to make conversation with, or at least fill your mind with something. He was only a silhouette with the light behind him, but you recognized his voice right away. He was sweating all down the sides of his face, and his dark red t-shirt had become an even darker shade. "And you start flirting with my girlfriend the second I turn my back? " "That it was okay to tell your friend's girlfriend that you're into her? You slap his shoulder, your eyes unable to leave Shawn's. "No, he needs to understand that what he did was wrong." "I do understand," Shawn chokes back the tears welling up in his eyes.

You nod, allowing him to take your hand in his as you exit the stadium, which was slowly emptying like honey. You hadn't been waiting for very long, when the back door suddenly swings open, and yet another figure steps out, waving the minute his eyes land on you. He was holding his guitar case in his right hand, the other one he used to hold open the door. "You did really well tonight," you compliment him, leaning on the back of the car that you now knew was his. " A wave of realization crosses Shawn's face, turning his cheeks redder than they were before.

Over the years, Cam has had zero problem letting the world know how much he loves him some Ju Ju.

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