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We practice what we preach…aren’t just words when we say the Dodgers organization embraces diversity, inclusion, and equality for ALL.“We are fortunate in that [ Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Broadcasting] Erik Braverman and others throughout the organization have a long-standing relationship with the LGBT community and have been able to use their relationships and connections with community leaders and social leaders to make our relationship with the LGBT community more than just a one night promotion.The Dodgers are genuinely committed to supporting the LGBT community year-round, as we do with so many other communities in Southern California.“At the end of the day though, the real reason the attendance grows every year is because of the fan experience.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers had a massive turnout for their annual Pride event on June 9, selling a total of 6,800 tickets specifically for the event with an additional 1,200 sold to people who went independently but still wanted to take part.

Those couples you were so invested in that their future felt like your own. Using an intense algorithm that takes into account strength of schedule (how many other couples they compete with in the show), length of relationship, whether the couple ends up together, whether they’ve been with someone else on the show and whether they’ve ever broken up, I’ve seeded the top 10 couples and performed a bracket to determine the ultimate television romance.

So, Zach Goins Productions proudly presents “Valentine’s Day Madness: The Best TV Couples of All Time.”WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Lost,” “That ‘70s Show” and “Modern Family.” (1) Lily and Marshall (“How I Met Your Mother”)Talk about a power couple.

We won't get into many details except to say that the Underwoods truly outdid themselves this year when it came to backstabbing, manipulation, slander and murder.

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