Battleclinic killboard not updating

by  |  22-Aug-2016 03:49

As you start to get used to the game, branch out and check the other areas.Post a link in this thread to be added to the list.

Update 3/4/07 Both Pegasus and Galactica have had a Weapons change!

They both now have 72 guns, some are completely new to both ships.

Granted this system is far from perfect and doesn't take into account kills, losses, or corps that just don't recruit, however, the majority of active corporations do recruit at least one member every 90 days.

Corporations that recruit fresh blood tend to be more active, of course, that's just my opinion!

Tech 3 destroyers can also fit a combat probe launcher to get a warp-in on enemy fleets and have become a popular anti-tackle tool that can snipe from over 50km and track interdictors and interceptors.

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