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There are two ways to write it, either as javascript or as php. The copyright date will automatically update to the new year, each year.

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Sex free24 - Auto updating copyright year

Here is a little bit of code that you can add to your new template.

Basically it takes the year you create your template, and if its still that year it shows it, if its not it shows the old year and then the new year.

) is added to the existing ones, in the same format as the preceding year, i.e., 1994, '94 or 94.

If a dash-separated year list up to last year is found, that is extended to current year, else the year is added separated by a comma.

Java Script code works on any webpages whereas PHP code works only on PHP pages. If you have any serious queries, suggestions or anything related to this article, feel free to share them, we really appreciate that.

Auto updating copyright year

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