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In an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence, ATASK staff, volunteers and supporters came together as a team to race at this year's Boston Dragon Boat Festival.

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Located at the first convenient Charles River crossing west of Boston, Newe Towne was one of a number of towns (including Boston, Dorchester, Watertown, and Weymouth), founded by the 700 original Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts Bay Colony under governor John Winthrop.

Its first preacher was Thomas Hooker, who led many of its original inhabitants west to found the Connecticut Colony; before leaving, however, they sold their plots to more recent immigrants from England.

The site for what would become Cambridge was chosen in December 1630, because it was located safely upriver from Boston Harbor, which made it easily defensible from attacks by enemy ships.

Thomas Dudley, his daughter Anne Bradstreet, and her husband Simon, were among the first settlers of the town. The settlement was initially referred to as "the newe towne".

These are also difficult times for the non-profit agencies that work with vulnerable populations.

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