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Amerie: In creating everything, some of it was conscious in knowing what sound I wanted. I will say this album is a direct extension of my first album.

A lot of people who heard it said it does remind them of the first album.

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Trina and Lala Maybe it was their light eyes that attracted Trina and Lala to one another.

These besties/look-alikes are a tight pair, with the Miami-based rapper often making appearances on Lala’s VH1 reality show.

The record really is a fusion of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Soul. With ‘Because I Love It’, I wanted to incorporate the Hip-Hop & Soul, but also 80’s New Wave.

Though, I usually have that on every album in some capacity Sam: While many of your fans love the old sound, I am among those who latched onto Amerie from the ‘Because I Love’ It album and it’s retro feel with tracks like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’. Amerie: As far as those who really like ‘Crush’ and ‘Crazy Wonderful’? There’s none of that on this album, because I feel as though I already got that out my system. There might be a couple of other features for the project, but they may not be on the album or not. I worked with really talented people and I was able to accomplish the sound that I really wanted for this album.

Their similar appearance should have Lala worried about Trina though, rather than her husband’s assistant Asani.

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