Allow automatic updating android

by  |  18-Feb-2017 02:14

For Apps which are already in our device this option will come and for others once you click on install this option will automatically come.

I've published an application on Google Play and it has "Allow Automatic Update" checkbox.

I observed some applications in play store are showing Allow Automatic Updating option with check box at the time of installation,some don't why?

Phones don't really come with instruction manuals anymore, and learning how to use your phone effectively can be a big task.

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I did not do anything special to make it available.

If you have a sample of the application, which is published on Google Play and does not have this checkbox, please, let me know, since I haven't seen such an application yet.

As convenient as it is to have your phone automatically install app updates as they become available, there are some good reasons for wanting to install apps manually.

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