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To begin the process, Meiburg said, you would need to institute a hiring freeze — Trump issued one soon after taking office — and then begin making buyout offers.

"No one believes those two measures in itself will be enough to get rid of 3,200 employees," he said, which would then require EPA authorizing a "reduction in force," or RIF, a complicated process heavily governed by federal regulations that will take years to complete. Under the Office of Personnel Management rules for a reduction in force, agencies must consider several factors when releasing employees, such as length of service, performance ratings and veteran preference.

Summary This article provides a framework for analyzing how downsizing and reengineering have affected healthcare organizations.

These approaches are reviewed, and key tools that have been used, such as across-the-board cuts, reorganizing, and redesigning, are described.

The recession of the early 1990s continues to affect many American organizations as they reposition themselves to adapt to an unpredictable external environment.

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